Every day from now on, I will get up and go about my business, and Paul will be right there. Writing a new tune, or having fun with an old one; talking and laughing and sharing his love for us all, especially Janie, Charlotte and Lillian. Paul made me want to get more out of each moment, in life, and on the bandstand. We don’t get very many people like him, and now, although WE get to continue in this life, Paul has moved on to wherever you go when your body fails you but your spirit continues to shine as bright as the brightest star in the heavens. Thank you, James “The Worm” for introducing Paul and I, and becoming The Love Trio. We’ve had some great moments together, and I’ll savor those moments, musical and otherwise, for as long as there is time.
Eternity lasts forever, and so will the effect of the beautiful vibrations we created. The sounds and feelings we shared will always be stitched into the fabric of my soul. And Paul, you’ve been one stylish cat, always with the hippest and sometimes the most outrageous garments. Thanks for being YOU, Paul. I’m a better ME because of it. REST IN PEACE, MY BROTHER

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