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June 13, 2006


Jerry Vivino-Wakin’ With The Wazmo

  • 1. Pent Up House (4:24) Walkin' with the Wazmo (4:32) Cats 'R' Us (5:13) Dorado Beach (5:27) Montelena Circle (6:11) The Fried Piper (5:17) Knock Me A Kiss (3:31) Red Moon (7:14) Bellissima (5:28) Dolphin Dance (5:27) I'm Mad About You (3:52)

Jerry Vivino: tenor, alto saxophone, flute & vocals; Brian Charette: piano (1,3-5), Hammond B-3 organ; Ken Livinsky: piano (11); Lew Solof: trumpet (3,8); Michael Morreale: trumpet (2,7); Mike Fahn: trombone (1,5,7); Kermit Driscoll: bass (1,3,5,8,9); Mike Merrit: bass (2,6,4,7,10); Shhawn Pelton: drums (1,3,5,8-9); James Wormworth: drums (2,4,6,7,10); Ray Marchia: drums (11); Fred Walcott: percussion (4,6); Jimmy Vivino: guitar (2); Peter McCan: guitar (9): Greg Skaff: guitar (11); Tony Ferrari: vocals (2).

Jerry Vivino is a name that may be new to jazz listeners who don't tune into The Conan O'Brien Show, but the veteran tenor saxophonist clearly has his wide-ranging act together. Opening with a robust take of Sonny Rollins' "Pent-Up House," which has a bit of a New Orleans rhythm incorporated into it, Vivino is equally comfortable with Louis Jordan's pre-R&B hit "Knock Me a Kiss," which he also sings. In a Latin-flavored arrangement of Herbie Hancock's "Dolphin Dance" the leader plays alto flute, complemented by Michael Morreale's equally rich flugelhorn. But the bulk of the CD is devoted to the leader's originals, including the funky "Walkin' with the Wazmo," the lightly swinging ballad "I'm Mad About You" and the intriguing blues "Montelena Circle," which showcases his alto flute and valve trombonist Mike Fahn. With this enjoyable date Jerry Vivino should gain wider exposure. ~ Ken Dryden

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