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September 17, 2013


Garland Jeffreys-Truth Serum

  • 1. Truth Serum 4:12 2. Any Rain 4:02 3. It's What I Am 5:00 4. Dragons to Slay 3:33 5. Is This The Real World 3:41 6. Ship of Fools 3:47 7. Collide the Generations 5:13 8. Far Far Away 4:18 9. Colorblind Love 3:33 10. Revolution of the Mind 2:47

Garland Jeffreys-acoustic guitar, James Maddock-acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo, shaker, background vocals, Larry Campbell-acoustic guitar, electric guitar, Duke Levine-electric guitar, slide guitar, Brian Mitchell-harmonica, accordion, piano, Wurlitzer organ, Art Baron-trombone, Andy Taub-piano, synthesizer, glockenspiel, Oli Rockberger-piano, Aaron Comess-drums, tambourine, Steve Jordan-drums, Tom Curiano-drums and Cindy Mizelle- background vocals

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